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"If you want to stay poor, Do not earn any money other than your monthly salary". 

EnisPlus is a Tech Based Company aimed at  providing Tech Base business Opportunity for Students, graduates, Corp Members, Teachers, the unemployed, civil servants, etc who are looking for alternative means of making extra income both online and offline. With EnisPlus Business Plan, you do not need to say you are unemployed or you lack extra source of income as the system is set to uplift your financial status; you just need to sign up and activate your account, you are in for financial freedom. Click here to join our WhatsApp group

MARKETPLACE: One of the wonderful features and advantages of joining enisplus is the Secured member Store. Once you activate your account with Enisplus, you have also activated your B2B Store. With your store, you have the total freedom to list your products and services, your contact phone number and Address which will enable customers to contact you directly. No other company can give you this type of opportunity.

We have added Recharge System to our Business. You can recharge your phone, buy data, pay your Paid TV, Phone, electricity on https://www.eniswallet.com enjoy good discounts using our services. 

TECH BASE BUSINESS: As a Technological Oriented Company, we have Added Taxi/Cab Book, Food Ordering, Flight Ticketing, Hotel Booking, Etc to our Business Plan. EnisPlus Members Can Provide or Request any these services and make Extra income from them.

We Implement the Best online Distribution Plan.  This will increase the ability of all the Members to grow beyond old limitations.  EnisPlus is designed to make it easy and possible for each member to Earn both from their Up-line or Down-lines. We have the Best Business Plans that will help you Generate Revenue with little work.

FREEDOM: We find it difficult to tie down our members or limit them from achieving the greatness with #Enisplus. As a member, You do not have to wait for the month or the week to end before you receive your payment, You start earning same day you registered the first person in your team. You do not have to balance, circle a board, match or breakout before you get paid; You can withdraw your money just for registering just one person.

INCENTIVES: We have good incentives for our members. The more you grow your team, the more you get more incentives such as; We have Added ENISHOME PLAN. SEE THE INCENTIVES HERE https://enisplus.com/page.php?id=37

                    - Laptops

                    - Washing Machines

                     - Freezers

                    - Travel Fund

                    - First Car Award

                    - Second Car Award

At EnisPlus, your success is a priority and that is why when you become an active member, you will receive proven-effective tools that will help you in every step of the way. One of the most important being the International Business Opportunity Manual. Read more... 

NOTE: Enisplus is not an Investment or Hyip Company.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.--Helen Keller  

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