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We Adding Recharge System to our Platform. Soon You can recharge to Paid TV, Phone, Light,etc Using Enisplus Platform. We keep Improving.

Whats New?

We now accept Bitcoin Payment Posted on 29/01/2019

We are set to receive Payment Globally. You can register anyone,anywhere in the world using Bitcoin. Our Exchange rate is N200/$

Enisplus to Partner with AgroStartup on Free Interest Loan to Enisplus members Posted on 12/09/2018

Plans are on the way on a Major Partnership Between Enisplus and an Agro WebBase startup Known as Agrostartup. AgroStartup is Web Base Agro Coperative Platform that encourages her members to own business and market it on the Website. Registration is free and you will be able to own a store and sell your Products and services. But if you want to enjoy the interest free loan services, you have to join the Gold Plan with One time Fee of N2000 which comes with lots of Incentives.

The free loan service allows you to get free interest loan of  up N1,000,000.


We will let you know once we complete the Partnership agreement. However, we encouarge you goto www.agrostartup.com to register as a Vendor and Uplaod your Products and services for free. We will let you know when you can Upgrade to Premium membership and enrol for the Loan Programme.

Read  more here http://agrostartup.com/home/blog_view/14/Display-your-products-and-get-Free-Interest-Loan-up-to-N1000000-for-your-Business




Important Announcement Posted on 22/08/2018


We are bringing innovative ideas.

We keep creating ideas and ways to keep growing and remains the best.

In *ENISHOME Plan* alone, we have given over *1650* people Stage 1 award.

Just imagine if we have gathered them together for thr award ceremony...

It would be massive gathering of members

Instead, we gave them Cash credit to their individual bank accounts and no one heard about and reason most people have not heard about Enisplus Plans

When you get Cash most times as Incentives, only you get to know about it, but when you get it in a ceremony, more people here about it and it promotes the Business for you too.

On our marketplace, it still surprises us that most people don't know that part of the registration fee of N4000 they paid covers the Marketplace.

Where you sell your Goods and services as Enisplus member.

I urge you to make good use of that.

In other to move high and go with *"True"* Trends, we are Adding card to each member account.

So, all your earning will be sent to our customized card tied to your Enisplus accounts.

We are in talks with our partner bank (UBA) to get the Cards ready in 3 weeks from now.

These Cards will be tied your account with us and cost of the Card will be Debited as the credit comes to your wallet

The food Card or Voucher can be used to purchase anything you like anywhere in the world.

We will assign and ship the Card to individual member.

And Activation procedures will follow to make it more secured and reliable

The *Cards will come in batches* and on your next credit to your wallet.
Also, we are going to make.our incentives 40/60( 40% Cash and 60% Food), this will help us expand our reach and grow more members and expand community.

This innovations are already being implemented in our system to work with the new growth idea of Enisplus
Also, the Card can be used to Book Cab or Taxi anywhere in Nigeria for those using Our card as means of payment. 

Those riding our Zigamu Cab using Enisplus Card will get Cash Back on rides completed at giving time
On our marketing plan, no change of plan or increase of registeration fee and change of matrix.

Everything is still the same
Also, as part of our Expansion plans, we will be looking for City Cordinators
They must meet a criterial and we have Compensantion for those that will be Selected. 

There are standard Requirements to become one
Signed: Mgt

ENISPLUS LIVE IN CAMEROON Posted on 11/06/2018

We are happy inform you all that we are kickstarting Operation in Cameroon. Membership base is already growing. Time to expand your network and networth.

We have Added EnisHome Plan Posted on 03/04/2018

Read About EnisHome Plan >>> https://enisplus.com/enishome

Dear Members,

You ask and we listened. We have Added a new and lower fee Plan known as EnisHome. EnisHome is the Best and easy way to get those Home needs and Appliances you needed with little or no Stress. Registration is N4000 with Lowest and Simple-Open Matrix.

It is a Matrix of 4 stages. As it is more easy to Achieve, the Award is Monthly.

Please read more on https://enisplus.com/page.php?id=38

Enisplus Launches Cab Booking App Posted on 04/12/2017

Are you a Driver Or Company with Fleets of Cars? Signup to partner With Us. Turn your Car into Asset and earn money driving your car. Download Enisplus Driver App from Playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zigamu.driver or Visit www.taxi.zigamu.com