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We Adding Recharge System to our Platform. Soon You can recharge to Paid TV, Phone, Light,etc Using Enisplus Platform. We keep Improving.


What is EnisPlus?

A Company that tends to develop life-time relationships with distributors and business partners based on the exceptional value of our services. We are committed to the financial growth and future of our distributors/Partners (our members) by consciously offering products of exceptional value along with a compensation plan that will enhance an individual's ability to earn a reasonable part time income as well as the ability to achieve financial freedom.

What would it cost me to become EnisPlus Member?

To become our Member, It will cost you a onetime payment of N8000. Once you have paid,you are now ready to be on the Smooth path to achieving your desired dream of Financial Independence.

How do I make payment or receive payments?

You could make payment or receive payments from us via Direct bank deposit, online transfer, Epin and EWallet

What will I benefit after paying Membership fee?

EnisPlus Opportunities are limitless. When you join us, you are going to make Good commission when you recruit more members in your team and also make commissions on products they purchase. You will be empowered to achieve more in life; among all other benefits you will get;

  • Brand New Phones
  • Brand New Laptops
  • Brand New Refrigerator
  • Brand New Generator
  • Brand New Cars
  • House of Your Own

How genuine is the Benefit mentioned above?

Every incentive or benefit listed  in our Business plan is real as we will make sure will give you the best. Our dream is to support you achieve your financial freedom. We Split these incentive to be given at each level you attain. After your Qualification of any of the incentives, We will announce when we are going to give award/incentives.  

How many members would I need directly under me?

The System allows you to register just two (2) people. However, you can bring as many as possible and earn Spillover benefits. With this, you get Extra Commission.

If you register more than two (2) people, you will be of great advantage in speed and earnings. Your Membership level will be completed faster with huge spill over which will enhance your Speedy Qualification of the incentives. 

What is the maximum I can Earn from EnisPlus?

As a Member, the minimum you can earn is N2000 While the Maximum is over N15,000,000. This Includes Referral/product Commissions and Incentives.

Is EnisPlus an Investment Company? EnisPlus is not an Investment Company or Pyramid scheme. Every member is expected to buy product(s) from our store at cheaper rate and commission is also paid to his uplines.

Is the highest levels attainable in 2 months?

If you take this as if your future depends on it, be rest assured you will achieve this in less than 60 days. All you need is two(2) serious people who will get another serious two(2) people. Do remember that before you get to highest level, you have already Counting in millions and this will help you build a formidable team.

Where are your Head/State offices?

Head Office: 19 Nwaturuocha Street,Ikenegbu owerri, Imo State

State Offices Coming Up Soon

Centers Coming Soon

Please check here all the time as more offices will be added to the list. Note that payments can be received or made at any of the offices.


I have a good office, Can I apply as Rep?

We have made Provision for those that want to become national/state Reps. We have also good package for the Reps. If you are interested, mail info@enisplus.com

Stage 3 membership is a must for application, and such office must be spacious for trainings and seminars